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Sam & Dean: Brotherly Love

A community that celebrates the brotherly relationship between the Winchesters

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Fanfic, icons, graphics, etc. from the tv show "Supernatural." No Wincest.

A community that celebrates the brotherly relationship between Sam and Dean Winchester.
It is open for episode discussion, fan fiction, icons, videos, images, graphics, anything and everything relating to the brothers and/or to the Winchester family.

This community was created and previously maintained by clarkoholic. She made the wonderful b&w graphics for it. Thank you for the time you spent on this comm, Clarkoholic!

To reach the current maintainer, email sailorhathor@aol.com.


Supernatural and the Winchester brothers are property of Eric Kripke and Warner Brothers/The CW Television, Inc.


All fan fiction and images should be placed behind a lj-cut if they are large.

Please format all fan fiction/videos with the following header (or one like it):
Pairings (if any):
Rating: (i.e. PG, NC17)
Category: (i.e. Gen, Het)
Word Count:

* You may post fic recommendations but be sure to use a lj-cut and appropriate spoiler warnings if your post is more than a short paragraph.
* Slash is welcome but we'd like to keep this community Wincest free. It is for the platonic family aspect of the two siblings. Bring me your Dean/Castiel, your Sam/Jess, your Dean/OFC, but not your Sam/Dean. This does not mean that your fic has to be about a brotherly theme, just that there be no Wincest.
* Please tag your entries for easier archiving.
* Resources should be credited where appropriate.
* It is alright to promote other SPN communities, RPG's, fanzines, and websites here as long as they are not exclusively Wincest-related and/or only strictly RPS. (They can contain Wincest, just not be only Wincest. However, if the majority of the posts in your community are Wincest, I'd rather you not promote it here unless your ad has a special purpose [for instance, you're trying to get more Gen stories or other pairings posted]. Email sailorhathor@aol.com with your ad before you post it if you think it's questionable.) Please don't promote excessively or use a HUGE banner. And warn people if your community does contain some Wincest. Also, do not use any graphics/manips that contain Wincestuous imagery in your ad. I would also suggest that you not use a Wincest icon; I don't like to tell people what icons they can and cannot use on their posts, so that's why it's a suggestion. The reason I make the suggestion is because many of our members have indicated that they are turned off by Wincest. Therefore, using a Wincest icon in a post in which you promote your comm could turn people off your comm.
* No flaming or spamming. Especially not anonymously.
* Have Fun. That's a rule. ;)

Yes, I know the comm name can be confusing

MORE on the 'Wincest Free' Thing:

Wincest is any sexual contact, even experimentation, between Sam and Dean or Sam and/or Dean and their father, John. It can also include other relatives like Mary, Adam, and Original Character Relatives. Threesomes do not count as Wincest as long as the contact between the Winchesters stays heterosexual and/or platonic, where they're focusing their attentions on the third party.

This community is not anti-Wincest. But, people need to have a place to go where they can read fanfic that does not include sexual acts between members of the Winchester family. There are so many comms where that IS allowed, I don't think anyone will be hurt by one comm where it ISN'T allowed. Nothing personal. Some people are just squicked by incest. (Even the mods who write Wincest cannot post it here.)

If you do post Wincest here, I will be forced to delete it. Again, nothing personal. Let me repeat: IF YOU POST WINCEST HERE, ANY LEVEL OF WINCEST, IT WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT NOTICE AS SOON AS IT COMES TO THE ATTENTION OF THE MODS. Sorry for the bold all caps, but some people don't seem to notice this rule otherwise.

If I see you posting Wincest a few times without any sign of stopping, I'll warn you first, but may eventually have to ban you from the community if you won't stop. Please don't make me do that.

If your post contains things like the following in the header/description, it really does not belong here:
Sam/Dean, John/Dean, John/Sam, Mary/Dean, Mary/Sam, Sam/Adam, Dean/Adam, John/Dean/Sam, John/Dean/Sam/OMR (Original Male Relative)/OFR (Original Female Relative), any Winchester/girl!Dean, any Winchester/girl!Sam, girl!Dean/girl!Sam... well, you get the picture. No incest. This would also extend to Ellen/Jo. If people are squicked by Wincest, they're probably squicked by Harvellecest too. Sorry.
"This story contains Wincest if you squint"
"You can see this as Wincest if you want, or maybe it's just Gen"
(If other people see your Gen as Wincest, but you did not mean for it to be, that is not your fault, and does not count. But, if it's really slashy but could be almost passed off as Gen, do not post it here. This is the kind of thing that often has to be judged on a case by case basis. If you post a story here and call it Gen, and then post it in a slash community and call it Wincest, I will delete your post. Rule of thumb, if it can be posted as Wincest somewhere else, it simply does not belong here.)

No Pre-Wincest. (If we can plainly tell that sometime in the future, Sam & Dean [or other members of the Winchester family] will be getting it on, or at least one of them pines for it, do not post it here.)

Real Person Fic/Real Person Slash. No Jared/Jensen, Jensen/Misha, Jared/Jensen/Misha, etc, or Gen fic featuring the actors. (It is still okay to post pictures and icons of the actors, just not fanfic.)
Fic in which Sam & Dean have been AUed so they are not related, and have sex. This also means no Smith/Wesson.

Yeah, I know the name of the community can be confusing to some. None of the current mods named it; we just took it over later. Remember, not that kind of brother love. The comm's name refers to platonic brother love.

If you see any posts in violation of the rules that were overlooked, or if you just have a question, please e-mail or PM our moderators:
sailorhathor: sailorhathor@aol.com
cologne_chick: cologne.chick@gmail.com

THE COMMUNITY IS CURRENTLY ON MODERATED STATUS because of spammers/bots joining to post porn videos. Once you prove that you are not a spammer by posting something SPN-related, I will take you off moderated status.


Send an email to sailorhathor@aol.com if you wish to affiliate. Friendly warning for those who don't like Wincest -- many of these communities do allow it, but they are almost always well labeled (and they do contain other types of stories and pairings too).

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